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Default Re: Beta 52A problem

The beta52, like most modern bass drum mics, has a built in eq'd type frequency response. That mic has a shelf on the low end and a big peak at around 4kh (I think) which is where your click is most likely coming from. That attack is what helps the bd cut through walls of guitars etc., especially on tiny speakers but a kit by itself doesn't really need that. You can dip down some eq at 4kh and that would probably help quite a bit.

I personally never cared for those mics but Karl is on the money. Just moving the mic a few inches can drastically change the sound so you should experiment. Try it just inside the hole or outside the hole looking in. Also, if you point the mic at the beater you will get more click, if you angle it so its pointing off center of the beater it will minimize it more.
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