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Default Re: Was this a false start by Bonzo?

This is a toughie. By definition, if it is your song- you are playing it correctly. That it might not be precisely the way you played it on the record, or last night, or will play it tomorrow, is not germane: it is your property to do with as you will. Now, taking liberties with a well-known song of your own may well get you some guff from some bandmates, fans, or critics. But at the end of the day, it is still your song.

The joy of doing original music is that you get to do original music. The downside, of course, is that people expect it to come out the same way each time. It is a painful conundrum... I believe that Bill Bruford pointed to that in his autobiography as one of the things he hated most about success in any context, and I'm sure that it was one of the things that led to him jumping bands so often, and finally hanging up the sticks for live work.

Can't imagine what Mick Jagger must feel when some wag yells "Satisfaction". I got roundly sick of some of our original songs with my most successful band, and it only lasted a few years. Played them however I felt like playing them in the moment, just the same...
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