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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
If Glen behave the same exact manner he conducted himself here on DW, surely, he won't last that long on DC, on the other hand, if he does behave like a "normal" member, he might enjoy his new forum for years to come, only Glen can decide this, not us.
I was a member of DC for a short time and didn't get the impression that they were a very forgiving bunch - they have (or had) a lot of mods who spent most of their time rewriting and/or deleting posts, admonishing members for tone, and they won't think twice about lifetime bans for first offenses.

DW, on the other hand, is very accommodating to different POVs and understanding that sometimes people have bad days. It takes quite a bit, comparatively speaking, to get banned from here, so I wouldn't bet on any longevity for him there.
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