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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Something nobody seems to have brought up. London is a pretty complicated place to get around. You have been given all the tourist stuff and it is all fairly central. If you ever get lost just hail a cab and tell him where you want to go. But remember London cabs are very expensive. You do get a great service and London cabbies are very chatty. But the big secret all Londoners know is the A to Z. Everyone has one and basically it is a map of the whole city, street by street all indexed and in a handy sized book. Obtainable from most bookshops for a pitiful sum it will save you time and money every day.

The thing about London is it is so big that nobody knows all of it. Originally it was just the central part surrounded by many villages. Gradually the villages have all become joined together but every district has its own villagey character. My family come from Clerkenwell which is right in the centre, originally a village it is now totally urban. It also has some very good jazz and blues clubs. The real ones not the tourist trash.
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