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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I think that's very fair of you Henri. I wish I could be so forgiving. Sadly, I'm not as nice as you!
Haha... I'm not nice Dunc, trust me on that :)

... but I have nothing to forgive Glen about, personally...

In all seriousness, what's rewarding for any of us to warn thousands of people we don't even know, what self satisfaction could this provide... vengeance? hate? ...I don't get it TBH.

His behaviour here on DW was sufficient to warrant several bans, and I'm certainly not disputing it or even discussing it on the forum, as far as I'm concerned, Bernhard doesn't want Glen on this site in any shape of form, and that's more than fine, we're only guests here, Bernhard's house, Bernhard's rules :)

What will or won't happen on another drumming site is not my problem, it will be the problem(s) (if any happen) of the mods on DrumChat.

If Glen behave the same exact manner he conducted himself here on DW, surely, he won't last that long on DC, on the other hand, if he does behave like a "normal" member, he might enjoy his new forum for years to come, only Glen can decide this, not us.
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