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Default Re: And the sickness continues!

++ on the Yamaha 700 series. I had those stands in the late 80's, into the 90's, and it's always been great stuff.

I use Flat Base, and single braced gear these days. I sold just about all my heavy stands now. The snare stand and seat are the heaviest piece now.

A throne I had great luck with was the Tama Ergo Rider (wish I didn't sell it).
It's not marketed as a "light duty" throne, but it weighed less than other thrones I have had, was comfortable and very sturdy feeling.

The Pearl Road Pro is real nice, a little heavier than the Tama ER, but pretty darn managable.

The regular R&S Mac Saddle (spindle) has a manageable weight, but the Tama I think is nicer to sit on.

Just thought I'd throw those couple out.
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