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Default List of things you have to master to be a good drummer


I want to become a better drummer, but my learning right now is disorganized. I want to have a set plan, goals, or some guidance as to what I should be learning and mastering.

So my question is,

What would be a list of things that a drummer should learn, from basic level to advanced level, to become a good drummer?

For example:

-Hitting the snare/toms propperly
-Learning to play the bass pedal


-Double bass speed
-Practicing at high BPMs
-Knowing grooves from around the World, jazz, etc.

So what would be like some sort of guidance, or guidelines that I could use to keep track of my progress, to know where I stand right now and what I should practice on to become a better drummer??

I need some guidance!! My progress is disorganized.

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