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Default Re: Beta 52A problem

I'd try different mic positions. A few inches one way or another can make a difference (try a few different beaters too).

Also, when you are are doing a mic check, make sure you are hitting the drum with the same force every time. If it's soft, hard, kinda fluttering, you aren't going to capture how it really sounds.
The clip without the pillow sounded better to me. It might have been a little clicky, but it sounded more like a normal bass drum than the pillow clip.

Like Milt, I also don't like a Beta52. It always sounds flat and tubby to me. IMO it doesn't capture the total drum sound very evenly.
Again, JMO, a lot of people like it, and say it's an "easy" mic--probably why they like it.
I just don't, and I use a D112. It takes very little time for anyone to dial it in live, so it must also be an "easy" mic. It's awesome for recording as well.

Good luck!!
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