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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Man he's delusional:

Originally Posted by Sticks4Drums
I am new here and hope that I can start fresh. I have learned a lot over the last three years on these forums. It has been a very hard learning curve. A couple of members here have already started to talk on Drummerworld, a site that I was terribly mis handled, about warning you guys about me. I hope these members will give me the chance I deserve. I have lots of cool stuff, and lots of opinions. I need to accept other peoples opinions better than I have in the past. Again I am not perfect yet. Hope we can all be friends. Glen.
Emboldened and italicised for emphasis.

He thinks we mishandled him? Really? Really?

EDIT: Because having lots of 'cool stuff' and opinions that nobody wants to hear are requisite for staying on a forum.

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