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Originally Posted by buccaneer
okay, first off, i dont want any trouble or to get into any arguements.
Hey man, don't worry about that. What you find about this forum that's different from the rest is that drummerworld doesn't really argue, it discusses. And you get to do it with good guys. Also nobody has to "get over it" about anything as long as they can make a good point or two. That's why I like it here.

This includes Travis. And when real flaming goes on, it's stopped pretty quick. This is a very civilized group. It's not like some of those crazy sights you see all over the net where people just go insane on each other and nobody stops it.

The other thing about this forum I like are the number of very smart people here. You can learn alot if you let yourself be taught. But more important than that, there are alot of very hot pro drummers here including some famous ones. So this forum including the videos is really educational.

When some guys come on here for the first time and take on a vibe assuming that we don't get stuff or we can't follow Travis's blazing rudiments, or how one of the newer guys thought it was funny that somebody on drummerworld would think they could play "There Is," then the joke's really on them. Here, there are alot of guys who can and do and don't need to impress anybody.
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