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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Yea he PM'd me on the sly (under the name Wristy) because I was talking up the Guru's. He said that it was gonna get impossible around here because IHO he thought this forum would turn into a Guru only forum. He said that because I mention Guru, that anyone with any "lesser" drums would feel like total crap. Whatever. I talked up my PDP's too. He stated that he pushed Saturns because they are an affordable drum and for the price a great value. No argument! Then he got on me for changing brands, changing drum sizes, (I got a 24" and also a 20") and not recommending the same thing day in and day out. I just put my opinions into words! This fraction of a man just cannot let go of his stupid obsessions. I was one of the only ones who stuck up for him when he was around. Not any more. He is a cross between a broken record and a regularly occurring event. Like if I mention any kit besides Saturns, he is highly, highly offended on a personal level. I feel sorry for him, he has mental issues. All the guy talks about are drums, no playing or what you do with them. Just the physical drums themselves, like they are enough. They aren't, even Guru's aren't. It's what a person does with the drums that's important.
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