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Default A very happy morning....

Well I just received my new snare drum for my 18th birthday (I'm actually 18 tomorrow) Its a Tama SLP Power Maple.

I spent a long time going through snare drums to get the sound I wanted, an so I ended up at this beast. I'm glad I did too, even with the stock heads (Tama/Evans G1 and Hazy 300) this thing is beautiful, both in sound and ascetics.

The snare looks gorgeous, the finish to me gives it a smokey feel and the black hardware really adds to that effect. The sound is phenomenal too, the crack is cutting and I think it's safe to say that it will pierce right through my bands guitarist metal shredding. The 42 strands snare add an extreme amount of wetness to the sound, maybe even a little too much, I cant wait to get my preferred heads on it.

.......oh it also came with free "Super" MoonGel, any one else see the slight humor in that?

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