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Default Re: Decent Double Pedal

Maybe it's telling me to wear shoes?!
I almost busted out the grinder to smooth that thing down....
Still messing with it.
Another Camco wouldn't have helped, as I only have 1 BD(and was hoping for a better pedal too).

After a long hiatus from the kit, I've spent ~1K on it already- Heads(both), 3 new pies, dbl pedal, TB, sticks, supraphonic, rug, etc......

My advice? Try as many as you can afford in the store(even used), and definitely make sure to play in all different ways.

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
Jeez! When GAS becomes a problem... oO Crazy to buy something that isn't as good as your current pedal, you should have picked up another Camco!

You probably didn't spend enough time or do enough research to catch that heel-plate issue, have heard a few other people complain about it.

Can't blame you though, I hate trying out stuff at stores, I always feel a bit guilty. Still, I think that helps me use stuff in a way that ensures it doesn't lose any of its value due to poor or abusive usage. Really feel awful to see gear in stores that's been so poorly treated it can't be sold, since most people want shine more than substance these days.

Back on topic: you should keep wrestling with the pedal for a bit before taking a decision to pawn it off. Sometimes stuff grows on you. Maybe the bristley heel plate is a message that you need to play heel up! ;)

- Reggae Mangle
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