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Default Re: Roland Octapad versus SPD-SX: What to do?

I found this on These instructions look a little complicated, buts its really not. And it works. I actually don't even use the perform and record function the way it's explained, I use the basic sampling function and it works the same. anyways, here it is.....

Here's a useful guide to create SPD-Sx loops of the perfect length for a set BPM.

Choose the loop BPM you want, and the number of bars to loop.

Calculate the loop length you need in seconds:
1 beat (in seconds) = 60/BPM
1 bar = 4 beats

Then in samples:
Length of loop in samples = Length of loop in seconds * 44,100

Set the BPM by selecting "Menu" then "Kit" then setting "Kit Tempo".

Go to "Perform % Record" mode and create your first loop sample while playing to the Click.

Select "Menu" then "Pad", and highlight the name of the loop sample you just created.

Select "Quick" then "Wave Start/End", then select "End".
You now choose the End point using the large Plus and Minus buttons. You can zoom in and out using the Right and Left buttons respectively (using the Up and Down arrow buttons zooms in and out on the wave amplitude). Set the cursor at the sample number you calculated before, then press "Enter".

Select "Quick" again then "Wave Truncate". Follow the screen instructions to carry out the action.

Your loop is now exactly the length you need to loop perfectly at the BPM you originally chose. Now every time you add more sounds to the original loop (or even effects), recording will stop at the end of the sample automatically, and the loop will always stay the correct length no matter what you add to it.

It looks complicated on paper, but it is easy once you practice - trust me! You get the button pushes memorised and create loops in a few minutes. Great fun, and very creative.
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