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Default Re: Roland Octapad versus SPD-SX: What to do?

I had zero experience with sampling or recording an I managed to figure out a way to record and trigger samples on the SX.

I'm not sure where to find samples you are looking for. I've never looked because I create, record and playback things like keys/synth/horns as backing. A search for wav files should give plenty of results.

I do all my work on a computer and transfer the wav files to the SX. It seems a lot more simple than trying to maneuver thru the SX. I use Mac's Garage band because it was free and easy.

And, since you are tech savvy, play guitar and some keys, you are light years ahead of me.

I haven't hit the controls on the SX and that's saying a lot because I have been playing it left handed and I aint left handed.

I recently added external pads on the right side of my kit and they are a lot easier for me to hit......but there are only 4 available inputs. I am considering hacking into it to get access to all the pads externally.

Also, some of the sounds you are looking for may be available on a standard E drum module but that's another wad of ca$h and you would want to hear them for yourself to see if they were what you are looking for.
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