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Default Re: Ever have an entire back wheel come off while driving fast?

Originally Posted by oldrockdrummer View Post
Park inside a garage if you have one. You can try locking lug nuts like you use for high priced custom wheels they have to be loosened with a special lug wrench. Or a big mean Gaurd dog
One car garage, 3 vehicles, tight squeeze. I do have locking lug nuts because they are custom wheels. The locking lug nuts will vibrate off if the other 7 lugs are loosened or removed. Plus they can be taken off with vice grips if you're really determined. A guard dog, I really don't like living with dogs, they smell and I can't deal with dogs barking and can't be present for each and every bowel movement or squirt break. Maybe car alarms with sensitive vibration sensors that make a lot of noise. Stealthy cameras, but I need to run electric down to the edge of my driveway, PITA but necessary. More lighting, it is dark here.
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