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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

It's not a Vs thing at all.It's simply and AKA or slang term.Before the early 60's,drum heads WERE animal skins,and counter hoops were know as FLESH hoops.Then the Remo mylar drum HEAD was invented.You really can't accurately call a piece of plastic film a skin,but some still do.

The same as a lot of different drum terminology.Bass drums were being called kick drums,a term which started in recording studios that differentiated a bass guitar from a bass drum on a mixing board label.Bass drums were always played with a beater,and NOT kicked as some would say.Most if not all drum companies use the term bass drum,and NOT kick.Ludwig,Tama,ect.

The same with "rack tom" A term used when drums racks were in their hayday.Most if not all drums companies STLL use the term mounted tom or tom tom.Ludwig,Tama ect.

Drums were also know as "tubs",trap sets,traps,the skins.Cymbals were also known as plates or pies.

Steve B
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