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okay, first off, i dont want any trouble or to get into any arguements. let me just say that i am 16 and have been playing drums for 6 years, and Travis was one of my major influences when i was starting out, and i really didnt even like blink 182 that much. But after i had been playing for about two years, i started to get bored with some of his stuff. I started looking at a lot more technical players like buddy, steve gadd, dave weckl, vinnie, neil peart etc and started to play a lot more of their stuff. ever since i started to play their stuff my playing has improved greatly, and i am much more inspired to play drums. Travis is a great drummer, but i have to agree that he is much over rated among teen drummers like myself. He is big, fast(not really) loud and flashy, whichc is perfect for a lot of people, just not me.
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