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Default Re: The Canadian View of The Movie "ARGO"

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post

In truth,very few movies are 100% historicly accurate,reguardless of where they were made.

Steve B

All of history is 'somebody's' version of the facts, isnt it?

I'd take it all with a large pinch of salt, because be it history books, movies or documented accounts, they will always have the narrater's bais embedded within, regardless of their 'authenticity'.

Hollywood has always had fun with 'creative license', as it should, even when they call it 'a true story'. Its primary job is to entertain and they cant really called it 'mostly a true story'.

I enjoyed the 'non-Hollywood-ness' of Argo. Without the usual formulas. Though I love Tarantino, this was they opposite end of the spectrum.. Nice to see Hollywood go a little more ' adult' in its target audience definitions.

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