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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Thobias
age? 32
how long been playing? around 7 years fulltime, started at 10 in musicschool, dropped it ziljion times, then taken it up again.canīt live without it.
origin of user name? u got to swing it!
top 5 drummers? John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Jimmy Chamberlin, Danny Carey,
Gavin Harrison,

make of drumkit? Dw Collectors maple, Pearl Ultracast
make of cymbal? Paiste
where do you practice? everywhere
are you in a band/s?
covers or originals? originals only
what style of music? pretty much anything,
favourite take out food? japanese
country? Sweden
one really odd fact about yourself? no freudian slip here
how did you start drumming? started w/ the flute at 2:nd grade, then i heard Tommy Lee
and thats it!

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