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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

It's all about good friends and gigs for me. I think my guitarist friend Sean is probably more spiritual than I about things.

Two thirds of my co collaborators in our band are my best friends. The singer isn't quite yet but we get on...a lot.

We've got two rehearsals this week, tonight, tomorrow, followed by a gig on Thursday following which we're making a night of it and staying out in the real ale pub attached to the live music venue.

Can honestly say I've not looked forward to a week like this in a long time.

Drums is all about the friends, the creation of our original music which we take deep joy from, and showing people we don't know (and some that we do) how good our music is, and the gigs.

Hopefully when the music and the gigs have gone, the friendships will still be there.

I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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