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Default Re: New Green Mountain Bass Drum!

Yup, I'm just down in Rutland so it's not too bad to Cambridge. Though I will say that when I went to pick up this drum I ran into a plethora of car problems, that made it just a little bit more painful haha.
Speaking from only what I've experienced, Green Mountain Drums are very crisp and rich in their tone. I don't feel like there's any lack in response from my drum and it consistently proves that through a full-range of tunings. In addition to that, they exclusively deal with wood hoops, manufacture all the hardware in-shop from stainless steel, and work with a variety of woods. They also went ahead and customized this drum, despite it being a donation, by throwing longer tension rods on it than is typical so that I can achieve a lower tuning (I mainly play in hardcore bands).

Not to mention I feel a lot better about supporting small, local drum builders rather than the bigger, often generic, names in custom drums. And of course, thanks for all the love ya'll!
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