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Default Re: Help for first kit.

I really like the build quality of Roland, and I do note that you don't have to spend quite that much on the TD-11KV. It's $1599 at Long and McQuade, but of course you will need a throne and kick pedal, and then there's the tax. However, you might be able to hit a weekend sale at Tom Lee. I got my TD-11KS for $999 (the going price), but they had a weekend promo that gave you free $100 of in-stock gear, so you can get sticks, throne, or pedal etc. depending on what quality you want.They had this deal twice in the last month (Fri./Sat./Sun. only) and they said they are trying to clear stock before the March 31st end of year, so maybe this coming weekend? The TD-11KS is rubber toms, of course, and mesh snare. One point to note: Tom Lee has all the Roland models, but most are not on their website. Also, Axe Music in Alberta has very good pricing with no shipping charge.

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