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Default Some 1980s Vintage Ludwig Hardware

Just posting a few pics of some hardware with my recent CraigsList drumset purchase. The set included a Tama Titan throne and a bunch of Ludwig hardware: snare stand, hi hat stand, two straight cymbal stands, and two boom stands. This is ridiculously overbuilt, super heavy duty stuff. It looked like it had been sitting out in a garage for a while, not terribly abused, but a bit dirty and starting to rust. I cleaned up the hi hat stand yesterday, turned out pretty nice and really works well.

I cleaned up the snare stand today after work. There was less rust on this than the hi hat stand, and it cleaned up quickly. I wiped it down with dilute Simple Green, then sprayed it down with LPS 1. A few minutes later, I used a plastic spoon to scrape off the blooming rust. I went over it with a bit of Flitz, then a clean dry cloth. Here are three pictures- before, after, and full shot prior to final buff/wipe. It came out nice.

I got two pedals also. I did not spend any time on them, since they were in good shape and really not worth more than 25 bucks apiece anyway.

I will work on the cymbal stands tomorrow and Wednesday. Thanks for looking!!!
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