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Originally Posted by CR PanMan View Post
Arky, thank you for welcoming me and moving me to the proper area. I relate to your feelings and experiences with these instruments. To me, they are a gift of the most high vibrations. I will be uploading our newest three in a day or so and would love to share our progress.

Deathmetalconga, you're a veteran. I honor Hang above all others. The original development of this instrument is stunning and inspiring. Thank you for the compliment. We are just beginning to produce, these are the first instruments I was inspired to share. The inverted dome is an alternative to the verted dome. I believe it was first used by Pantheon. We have made a few inverted fundamentals but most are verted. What scale do you have?
Thank you, I am honored to meet someone who is making such amazing instruments. I was lucky to buy mine before they became so desirable - just $350 to my door, delivered from Switzerland, including a bag!

My Hang is in Hijaz D major. Hear it on my YouTube Channel - befriend and subscribe to me and I will do the same for you.
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