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Default Re: Ever have an entire back wheel come off while driving fast?

One time I lost my steering in my (at the time) 1999 Ford E150 while yielding onto a highway from a cloverleaf type situation. I lost steering right where the cloverleaf met the highway. Yea it takes at least a second and a half of turning your wheel in like 10 full circles before it occurs to you that you have no directional control lol. I sailed across 3 lanes of rush hour traffic, mercifully missing speeding cars by inches, and brought the car to a stop in a fairly wide grass median. I'm glad there was no guardrail there as I would have been royally hosed. I crawled under my van, and saw a 3 foot long rod was dangling down from one end. I saw where the other end was supposed to go, stuck it in the hole, and put a screw and a nut through a cotter pin hole, and bent the screw so the nut couldn't come off. I drove away like 5 minutes later. That was the most terrifying 4 seconds I ever had, much scarier than losing the wheel. I can't believe I was able to fix it that fast. Ford Trucks have not changed this design since the 70's, the same thing happened to my Dad with his F150 in the 70's.
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