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Default Re: Decent Double Pedal

Originally Posted by Reggae_Mangle View Post
^^ Why'd you buy it?

- Reggae Mangle
I was looking for a "cheap" dbl pedal, and had messed around with a 5K and a 9K (9K is ridiculously smooth.....way too much cake though) at GC, and thought that the 3K would at least be similar.....I also picked up the 3K Brand New in box for a good price.
I immediately felt the Camco pedal was lighter and faster, and that hasn't changed much....
I also didn't play a lot with my heel down at GC....I would have noticed how horrendous that cheese grater is if I had.
Still trying to make it work, all different spring angles/tensions, etc.....I have to try and change out the beater, that in itself may make the difference I am looking for.
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