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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

One of the things that I love about live music is what I call the "infinite positive feedback loop". If you have an audience that digs what you do, they cheer, they get loud, they dance to what you do. This in turn gets the musicians on stage excited and want to give the crowd more of what they want. So the crowd gets more of what they want, and they give the musicians more of what they want! So it goes on and on, and this is how bands like Phish can play eight hour gigs and many bands can play for two plus hours- just by riding off this loop.

I saw a funk concert of a local band here on the weekend, and noticed this loop. There was a closed system of 100 people (including the audience and six musicians on stage) that were all producing a party of positive energy and vibes. Egos dissapear, and it is all about the greater vibe of everyone in the room. Frankly, it makes me want to quit my sludge/stoner rock band and just play in funk bands from now on.
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