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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

My reasons for playing are like an over-renovated house, that I'm no longer sure why I started playing, kept playing or re-started playing.

TBH drumming bugs me a lot of the time; I'm almost always frustrated with my clumsiness.

Gigs are a joke, being paid a fraction of what a McDonald's child worker gets, lousy loading zones if any, reprobate audiences, dodgy acoustics, equipment screwing up etc.

Bands are a rich source of irritation, like any medium or long term relationship but you also have to deal with muso egos - both overblown and hypersensitive. Not to mention when you have people with habits.

It's loud, screws up your ears and there's a lot of messing around and carrying things.

Ridiculous expense.

It's anti-social, with hours of tapping away ... subject to a mechanical instrument of oppression.

It takes up tons of space at home.

But ... there's the buzz and the zone.

It's fun and its goofiness appeals to my SOH.

It's stimulating mentally, physically and emotionally.

It's something I am capable of doing and become part of my identity.

Crazy musos.

It beats working or blobbing out with electronic entertainment at home and gets me out of the house.


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