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Default Re: Roland Octapad versus SPD-SX: What to do?

I have both the 30 and the SX. The SX is what I bring out gigging with my acoustics. To answer your question about externals. I use all four externals throughout the kit. I trigger the kick with an rt10 and it works so well I don't even mic the kick anymore.

Rich.... you're right about sampling on the SX isn't difficult at all. But there is a pretty good learning curve to the SX if you've never dealt with electronics or sampling. (where as the spd 30 is plug and play.). I just learned a trick on another forum on how to edit waves on the SX so they loop correctly without needing a computer edited wave. If you need it I can share. I don't mean to hijack this thread tho.

One more thing to consider KB is amplification. This is something I overlooked when I first got into electronics. You're going to need a good PA and a very good monitor or in ears.
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