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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

Some great responses here.

Someone close to me asked me why I HAVE to do this. I don't get paid, it's a ton of time and work involved. Equipment costs money, gas to gigs and practice cost money. It's hard on my body sometimes. I have to make sacrifices. There are many days when I just don't want to go to practice etc. (it's not the playing, it's the driving). But at this point it's an inner commitment that gets my butt out the door when really I just want to have a beer and watch TV.

I told her that I view music as an act of giving. It's sending energy into the Universe that says "hey, take a moment and listen to this." I played an awesome gig Saturday night and met a bunch of friends and jammed with them. Everybody was happy and in a good mood and supporting each other.

This gets at the larger function of music-- bringing people together in a positive way. In a world with so much hatred and animosity, I am really starting to realize the value of this!
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