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Default Re: Roland Octapad versus SPD-SX: What to do?

Originally Posted by richkenyon View Post
I too had little or no sampling experience but use the SPD-SX live and for recording. All I tell you is the sampling process is not difficult. The wave editing leaves a little to be desired, but I guess you could edit things on another piece of software first (I don't use anything).

I don't have an Octapad but I would have thought the SPD-SX would be best because it has some really cool features.

In terms of sound sources, you could subscribe to Soundsnap or something or get hold of an orchestral sound module or just search on line. Of course, you can use the SPD-SX to sample direct fro the Yes recording too, notwithstanding Copyright stuff.
Thanks for the insights; do you use any external trigger pads with the SPD-SX? One other question: I'm a little bit concerned about the location of the control panel. Have you ever accidentally hit it in a live situation? (I'm not terribly concerned, since I never hit mics, but the control is at the bottom of the device, not the side as in the Octapad.)
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