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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

these are:
20x16 bassdrum
8x8 racktom
10x9 racktom
12x10 racktom
14x14 floortom
16x16 floortom

some facts why I think those drums should sound way better than before:
-1- obviously there's no wrap anymore, but real wood veneer
-2- the shells are laquered from the inside as well
-3- brand new bearing edges from SONOR!! same as on my sq2
-4- isolators between lug and shell. actually I wanted the sq2 rubbers but they are 5€/piece and that was to expensive for the 80 I would use..
-5- TAR systems on the racktoms
-6- new bassdrum feet with isolators
-7- wood hoops on bassdrum instead of metal hoops!!!
-8- the shells are now a little bit smaller than before so the head has more "space" to move..

I will do a 1:1 comparison with my sq2, even the shell sizes and constructions are different, of course!

excited to have the set finished!!!

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