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Default Re: Drumnetics conversion

Originally Posted by Eand View Post
O.K, so I've attached some pictures of my modified pedal. This was originally a Yamaha double-chain single bass pedal.

I sent it to Michael at Drumnetics, and he installed the magnets, as well as a custom direct drive. He let me know that the magnets work best with direct drives.

You can see that the spring is still on the pedal. It's only job now is to stop the beater on it's return from the drum. The actual Drumnetics pedals don't have any springs. All of the action of pedal comes from the magnets repelling each other.

It's totally cool. Right now, the pedal does exactly what my foot does. It's pretty amazing.

I'm not associated with Drumnetics in any way. I contacted Michael through the website about this conversion process, and I'm super happy with the results.
Very interesting indeed. Would love to see a vid of this pedal in action since the conversion (and maybe how it compares to the "old fashioned" spring mechanism)?
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