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Default Roland Octapad versus SPD-SX: What to do?

Here's my dilemma: I am playing in a tribute band (Yes) for which I need to reproduce some melodic percussion parts.

I've got artist- and era-specific drums, but I have neither the funds nor the desire to purchase the associated gear for this music (the guitarist bought a Rickenbacker 360 electric 12 string for JUST ONE SONG).

Some of the things I need:

Crotales. Tuned Triangles (seems pretty functionally the same sound as crotales). Tympani. Electronic drums. And a bunch of standard percussion I'd prefer not to pack around.

I've got the gamut of typical assessory percussion; triangle, cowbell (and more cowbell), blocks, wind chimes, and nearly enough cymbals (some would say way too many).

I'm technically oriented, but have not worked with sampling to any degree. I play guitar and some piano, so I can tune sampled sounds where I want them. I also have some decent condensor mics.

I will add some PD-80 or equiv pads to either the Octapad or SPD-SX for the nasty Simmons-type sounds (which I'm sure the Octapad has) and to add a couple of high toms upon occassion..

I don't need to loop (at least for this gig).

If I go the SPD-SX route, where do I find the samples I need (if I don't want to record them)? What would I be giving up/gaining with the Octapad?

What would YOU do?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and for sharing your expertise. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this forum.

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