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Default Re: How hard can I hit electronic drums???

When I first started playing E-drums, it was on an early Roland TD7 rubber-pad kit- and I just _decimated_ the pads there. I think I discovered every possible way to break the pad in the snare position, up to and including having the snare pad break right off of the L-bracket mid-tune. For the last few months I used that setup, I'd take a spare pad to all the gigs- I had to switch to it quite often.

My problem was that I do dig into the rim constantly for my snare work, and that was just asking too much of that poor little plastic bracket piece, back in the dawn of the E-kit era. The TD7 pads also didn't do much to support the internal wiring, and they would go abruptly dead when the flying leads from the piezo transducer to the jack would fatigue and fail due to the vibration.

When I bought my Hart kit and kissed that TD7 goodbye, that all ended: the Hart Accupad pads were a lot more robust, and their internal wiring is nicely supported to address the fatigue issues.. In 10+ years, I've only had one pad (the kick) have an electrical failure on my original Accupads. The newer Pro trigger models (like my snare) are better still. My touch has lightened up quite a bit over time as well- but I'm still not a delicate drummer...

Now, don't get me wrong: the modern Roland mesh pads are certainly a *huge* improvement over the rubber pads, and when I've played them I've liked them well enough. But I still like my Hart 13" mesh-head snare sitting on a proper snare stand better, so that I can use the rim the way my lizard-brain has learned over the years. Regardless of the manufacturer, anything that uses a plastic bracket sitting on an L-rod for the snare worries me. In my hands, its life would inevitably be nasty, brutish, and short.

Your mileage will certainly vary. But if you are a hard hitter, you might find yourself looking down at a dead pad now and again until you get things sorted out to your liking. One size does not fit all...
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