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Anthony Amodeo
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I just thought of this ......have you ever read the book...The Inner Game Of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey ?

I highly recommend it

it is not a jazz book obviously ....but deals with the mental aspect of tennis which he calls the "inner game" and everyones very critical "self 1" and our instinctual "self 2"

any time you read the word "tennis" think "drummming" ....and anytime you read the word "racket" think "stick"......

it is quite amazing what you can find out about yourself in this book and I recommend it to not only any drummer.....but any musician, athlete, teacher, lawyer, policman, applies to anyone with a passion to do what they love to do ...

check it out will indeed help with your quest to properly learn jazz....I promise

here is a bit of a summary on YouTube
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