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Hi, this is my first official post! But I wanted to chime in on the whole mic thing. I noticed in an earlier post that someone had mentioned the Apex 326's. I own a whole set of them! I had a chance to audition them and AB them against the senheiser 604's or whatever model # is their small tom and snare mic's. Both the sound guy and myself actually prefered the Apex mic's! I bought a kit which consisted of 3 tom/snare mic's and a bass drum mic. The price was so low I thought it was a type O! They work great! Now I use them to mic my whole 7pc. Yamaha maple custom kit. He has auditioned some of their other mic's ( I.E.. pencil condenser and lg diphram condenser) and found them to be great also! If your still not sure buy one off ebay or an ebay seller and audition one for yourself and I think you will be satisified as I was. I bought 2 GAP pencial condensers for overheads ( for a great price) and those work fine for me as well. Have fun and Keep on Jammin! good luck!
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