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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

More cymbal DIY'ing - this time I went for modding 5 cracked cymbals into splashes as I have (more than) enough bells and for more variety in sound.
I went for the biggest diameter possible, just enough to get rid of the cracked areas. Pics in the first 3 rows are pics from the orig. Ebay auctions.

* Paiste 2002 16'' Crash
* Sabian AAXtreme China 15''
* Zildjian A-Custom Projection Crash 19''
* Zildjian Z-Custom 18'' Crash
* Zildjian Z-Custom 19'' Crash

The splash made from the Z-Custom 18'' has a slightly inverted edge after the cutting - that's because with those areas removed, the stability/balance of the cymbal has changed. It needs to be rehammered to get it into 'normal' shape. Some rehammering and/or lathe processing would be a good idea to get the most out of cymbals modded into splashes but I have no experience in hand-hammering yet and no means to lathe so this is theory for now.

The Sabian China splash has some cracks around the middle hole, the material is rather thin and in total the modded cymbal sounds rather soft and unspectacular. It's some 2 semitones away from another china splash I have so while it's not impressive per se it might work in a certain setting.

As for the other splashes - hard to describe them but they all sound interesting in their own way, still quite some volume/meatiness left. I should check out some splash cymbals at my music dealer next time to get a better understanding of what they're supposed to sound like and then decide whether to rework those DIY splashes.

The A-Custom Projection Crash was the only crash where I decided to cut the remaining outer area for 'cymbal ring' applications (either keeping it or selling it on). That ring can be used for sound effects.

Haven't polished them yet, and the edges need some reworking beforehand.
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