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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

I'd question the New Beat top in that classification- they're classic sounding hats to be sure and used a lot in many genres but they do have a prominent attack to them. I'd wager Zildjian says they're "general" just to avoid people seeing "attack" and being worried about it.

BTW, it just occurred to me that I have a friend who owns the 14" A Mastersounds and loves 'em but they (along with most zildjian hi-hats) have always sounded a little too sharp to me, so I'd put the NBs and the Mastersounds in the same category, especially since for a while now Zildjian's been making the A line a bit heavier (more contact ping) than they used to and the New Beats are part of that as well. It's not like they're David and Goliath, they're going to sound very similar no matter what.

Oh, and plus, UFiP is a special bird- their cymbals are cast using a process that (as far as I know) no other manufacturer close to their size uses so a traditional cymbal like the A series (and most zildjians) and a UFiP of any kind will have very different characteristics.
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