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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

I have a UFIP Medium top now that I have been using literally since I got it new in 1970. I've always liked it better than any other hi-hat I have ever played, until yesterday when I made the mistake of sitting down and toying with a cheap kit at Guitar Center while awaiting my turn to line up my vintage crashes and try to find another crash that was a good fit for them. That cheap kit happened to have some Mastersounds set up, so I whacked them to kill time. Then I found myself checking them out for real, and then liking them. The worst part of this experience is that I never found a crash that fit my vintage sound scheme, and now I'm looking at dropping MORE cash on a hi-hat top I really don't need! :-)

So I'm thinking that not all medium tops are created equal. The Zildjian site says that the Mastersound A top's Blend is "attack". The New Beat and A Custom Mastersound both say "General". It sounds to me like the A Mastersound is designed to cut more. I'm not so sure that's just a word change to make people think it's different, do you guys?
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