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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
Is the A Mastersound top really the same as the New Beat? The Mastersound hat pair I played yesterday was an A series, so if a New Beat is different, I would not be happy.
New Beats are A Series only - happily, there are no K or A Custom New Beats to confuse the issue.

Best I've been able to tell, yes, they're the same; both medium weight hi-hat tops from the A Series falling within the same weight range tolerances. That much I'm sure of, but I suppose it's conceivable that Mastersound tops might have a slightly different thickness profile from bell to edge of bow, though I seriously doubt it as that would require the lathe operator to give different consideration toward two otherwise identical cymbals. Only reason I can think of for why they might be different is a top that's thicker at the edges might be better paired with a Mastersound bottom for durability considerations. But again, I'd be really surprised if Zildjian went to the trouble since hats are pretty tough to break (crashes on the other hand ... ).

I used to use an A Mastersound top over a New Beat bottom (for many years) and they were definitely in the same ball park as every other New Beat pair I've owned and played on.
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