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Default Re: Video of '70s Zildjian 15" Hi-Hats (light weight)

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
Those are really, really nice.

I've found that with thinner hi hats that foot pressure is critical when playing them closed. Too tight and they choke, too loose and they slop around too much. I'm just curious about what these are like. They sound great on the video.
Thanks! I agree with you about how sensitive thinner hats are to foot pressure. For example, the heavier modern new beats I recently sold couldnt be easily choked with a heavy foot!

Ive realized the past year or so that I really like thin cymbals. Im not a basher, even when playing hard rock in my original band, so I never worry about breaking anything. I just like the way thinner cymbals are darker and more pleasing to my ears. And i LOVE how responsive they are to the stick.
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