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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
I wonder if a straight A Custom 14" Crash would perform. Since they are thicker than Thin Crashes, my guess is that they would cut well with a stick-on-closed-hat, but I am wary that they may not fan well.
Actually, A Custom crashes are thin (AC Projection & AC Rezo = medium-thin; AC Medium = medium), so one would probably be very close to the Thin you already tried. Maybe a medium-thin (either A or A Custom Projection / Rezo) would get you the articulation you want.

Also, Zildjian bases their pricing on size and series so a 14" A Custom Crash is the same price as a 14" AC Mastersound Top ($185). A Customs are priced slightly higher than the regular A series (Avedis). A 14" A Thin Crash and a 14" A Mastersound Top (or bottom) are each $170. However, tops and bottoms can be found individually on eBay pretty easily for a lot cheaper.

Probably also worth noting that when you talk about Mastersounds, you need to specify which series because the thicknesses aren't the same. A series Mastersounds (basically just New Beats with a rippled bottom) are a medium / heavy pairing, whereas the A Custom Mastersounds (same as the regular A Custom Hi-Hats with rippled bottom) are medium-thin / medium.

There are also K Mastersounds (medium / heavy) and go for $220 each cymbal.
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