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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
Haha, I wonder how to register as a nonprofit group? Maybe I should just busk outside of malls. Anyways, here's an ebay search for 14" Mastersounds (excluding the ZHTs). You might want to just pick up a top cymbal (those have more effect on the timbre of the hats than the bottom in my experience), or see about somehow selling the Paragons after getting Mastersounds. Good luck!
Can't sell the Paragons because they belong to the church. I'm looking for something for mysel, which I would use at the church, along with all my other vintage Zildjians.

Ah, I can answer this too, having K Mastersounds, HHX Evolutions, and a 14" Zildjian New Alloy crash in my possession that I commonly mix 'n' match for hats. When I switch between the HHX bottom and the Mastersound bottom with the same top cymbal, I notice that the Mastersound (the Ks being a heavier cymbal & sharper sound than the evolutions) adds some sharpness to the sound but that also happens when I use the Mastersound top with the HHX bottom. When doing anything with only the foot, I noticed almost no difference between the two bottoms and I'm sure that whatever difference I noticed was because of the cymbal's sound, not the ridges. (the Evolutions are unridged). So, the Mastersound bottom's ridges doesn't have much of an effect to my ears, but the different sound does have an effect.
I have a vintage heavy bottom (if I was a female I would not say that), so, I should probably skip a Mastersound bottom and save the money, for now, until I hear what that combo is like. From what I can tell on the Zildjian site, the Mastersound Bottom's vented design was aimed trying to enhance hat foot-closes, which is not what I am after.

Trying an A Thin Crash as a top resulted in great fan capabilities and a crisp tone, but the cut with stick-on-closed hat-is something to be desired. I also like bright and crisp in hats, because that cuts vey nicely. Mastersounds are SO pricey, even for just a top. I wonder if a straight A Custom 14" Crash would perform. Since they are thicker than Thin Crashes, my guess is that they would cut well with a stick-on-closed-hat, but I am wary that they may not fan well.

Or, I can just pony up and buy the Mastersound top since it is, after all, designed to be a hi-hat. Let me know when you've raised enough funds for me, and I'll buy one. :-)
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