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Default E-Drum ConunDRUM

Hey all,

So I've been looking around at electronic kits for a while now and have some questions. Basically I want to get as realistic of a sound as possible using an e-drum kit through ProTools, getting sounds from Native Instruments Studio Drummer and Abbey Road drums. I think the TD-20 stuff would be ideal but it's soooo pricey. I don't need a fancy module with the kit as I will be getting the sounds through ProTools via MIDI. I just need really responsive and accurate pads, especially regarding Kick, Snare, and Hat. I haven't really branched my search out beyond V-Drums, are there other options that would work in a sub $2,000 budget?

Most of the nice V Drum kits I see on Craigslist are between $2500 and $3500 which is a bit out of my range. I've been keeping an eye on the cheaper TD-9 kits which seem cool but I wonder if the kick and snare will be sufficient. Mesh kick pad is a MUST, not the crappy little rubber guy that comes with the lower TD-9 drums.

Any e-drum gurus have some insight to offer?
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