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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

Originally Posted by Zero Mercury Drummer View Post
Something a little different.
Last night before practice my bandmates and I had a great discussion about life and relationships. We were discussing the concept of love, and how that means letting go of your own self-identity and letting your ego disappear. Not easy.
While I was playing, I tried to let go of my ego entirely. I was definitely in the moment- not worrying about playing "correctly." Not getting mad at myself or anybody else. Just existing in that moment, and really enjoying the crap out of it. Pretty liberating.

So- have you had similar thoughts? Why do you do this? Fame? money? girls? (most of us don't get very much of these things from drumming) there a spiritual component to what we do, or does there need to be?
Thumbs up on this and real good posts. I can't say it any better. So will just touch another aspect...

Think about this 'existing in the moment' and add the pressure of recording or performing(particularly recording)'s like skiing down a mountain-falling down isn't an option! The buzz from those times, and all the other good music buzzes can be transferred to other aspects of life, in the sense that we should be content even if we're doing something we don't like doing. In the Buddhist sense, it wouldn't matter if you shovel poop. Tho if we actually had to, it would be good to have had the reference of something that we truly loved 100% in our memory data banks!
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