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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Hi Mark and welcome. Thank you for your efforts to bring a better pedal to guys like us. It is a very commonsense approach to pedal engineering you have there, which is what I go for. I have a few things I wanted to inquire about..I think your pedals are great, but here are my concerns. Is the foot board angle separately adjustable? I don't recall seeing that addressed. Also, I'm concerned that if the grip tape doesn't grip, becomes clogged, comes off, whatever, is there any other mechanism in place to lock the pedal in one position if desired? Like will the pedal move from side to side on a bare floor? Is there any way to lock the side to side motion?

A high visibility key would be great. And a great"lose-proof" way to store the hi vis key on the pedal would be very considerate. Because that is a big deal to us. Actually a key on a break-proof retractable chain would be the best. I know that sounds wacky, and creates rattle issues, but we need a key that is stupid proof. It's the little things that make something great. Any extra tool you introduce to drummers, IMO, needs to be designed for it's fallibles, like dropping it, and losing it. Because those scenarios will absolutely happen. Make that highly unlikely and no one can fault your product for incomplete design. Also, respectfully, the beater upgrade, why not make it standard? It's not complete unless the beater is designed for the pedal IMO.

So to recap, foot board angle, key storage, side to side motion, standard

Sorry for the interrogation lol, I'm on your side, really I am lol.
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