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Default Re: dw Bass Drum Riser

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Shortening the beater shaft throws my timing off. I play other kits with larger bass drums so I want the same pedal feel on all of my kits.
That is why I like to raise my 18" and 16" bass drums.
I get consistency between kits from this.
They have these little weights for the shafts to replicate a longer throw - less equipmentage than a riser. Actually, a shorter shaft is more responsive and sensitive. If it throws your timing off, maybe that's a sign that you can let up a bit; it should be easier to go from a long shaft to a shorter one, than vice-versa. Playing with a longer shaft is the equivalent of playing with wrist weights in the sense that it builds strength and resistance. At a certain point, you can play without the added resistance and you may find a bonanza of responsiveness. The trade-off is less volume but no one asks drummers to play louder anyway, and often the contrary.
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