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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Music heals, at least temporarily, it's a much higher calling than a lot of people realize. It's something that is never ending. You can always feel things deeper. Music provides a safe place to totally surrender your ego and transcend yourself, and in the process, everyone in the room. There's really not much else that compares.
This ^^^...

Music is highly spiritual, music in many many forms affects me, as a human being, much more than the drumming thing itself, I was heavily into music before I took up drumming, music is the reason which gave me the desire to take upon my beloved instrument, as I was always attracted by the primal force that drums and rhythms provide in music.

I don't know if my relationship with the instruments is spiritual, that's quite a deep and profound feeling to behold when you play behind the kit, at best it's an emotional feeling in which you transcribe your emotions throughout the instrument as a reaction/complement to what other musicians are playing, the end result, however, can be of spiritual value.
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